This Partnership Agreement ("Agreement") contains the terms and conditions of cooperation between ("Company", "Affiliate Programme", "Affiliate Network", or "LGaming") and you ("Affiliate") applying to join the LGaming Affiliate Programme. The terms and conditions set out in this Agreement apply to your participation in the Affiliate Programme on By submitting an application through you confirm your explicit consent to all the terms of this Agreement. By applying to join the Affiliate Programme, you confirm and consent that you have read this Agreement in full and agree to be bound by all its terms. If you disagree to be bound by this Agreement, you should refrain from applying to join the Affiliate Programme. If an individual reviews this Agreement on behalf of a legal entity, thereby submitting an application, this individual represents that they have the legal right and authority to bind this legal entity to this Agreement.

1. Terminology

Payout is the amount to be paid to the Affiliate from the internal account of the Affiliate Programme to the Affiliate's external payment system in accordance with the payment model. Renumeration is the funds received by the Affiliate as commission from the income of the Clients they engage. Client is the end consumer, an individual over 18 who has signed up through the Affiliate's link. Payment model is payment for a specific result following the publication of advertising products on the internet by the Affiliate. CPA (cost per action) is a payment model in which the Affiliate receives a payout for a specific action specified in the Agreement. KPI is the terms and conditions specified by the Advertiser under which the Lead will be paid. Revenue Share or Revshare is a payment model in which the Advertiser distributes the profit received from the sale of the Advertising Object. Offer is the terms and conditions (including restrictions and renumeration depending on the rate and payment model) that collectively govern the Advertiser's information published by Affiliate(s) in order to promote the product on the internet. Affiliate is a webmaster (individual or legal entity) who is a participant in the Affiliate Programme that engages new clients. Affiliate Programme is a form of cooperation between and the Affiliate in accordance with the basic conditions set out below and are deemed accepted by the Affiliate from the moment of their registration in the Affiliate Programme. Product, Advertising Object are an item, service, project, means of customisation of the Advertiser (manufacturer, seller and other persons/objects), whose attention is expected to be attracted by this advertising on the internet. Advertising is information spread through the internet, containing advertising materials addressed to an indefinite number of people and aimed at attracting attention to the Advertising Object, generating and maintaining interest in it, and its promotion on the market. Advertising Materials are tools used by the Affiliate to promote the Product on the internet. Traffic is a group of Clients who joined as a result of the Affiliate publishing Advertising Materials on the internet.

2. General Terms

Under this Agreement, the Affiliate, using the resources of the Affiliate Programme, performs actions aimed at finding and engaging Clients and receives renumeration in the amount and in the manner stipulated this Agreement. 3. Rights and obligations of the parties 3.1. The Affiliate is obliged: 3.1.1. To look for Clients who meet Company or Advertiser requirements, identify the Client's level interest, and provide information about the result in accordance with this Agreement. 3.1.2. In the event of a claim by third parties against the Company related to the Affiliate's activities, the Affiliate undertakes to independently resolve all claims of these persons. 3.1.3. The Affiliate undertakes to keep their account access details (username and password) safe and secure and create the necessary conditions to protect this information. 3.1.4. In case situations or persons are identified who violate the Company's legal rights or engage in activities to harm the Company's interests, the Affiliate shall notify the Company and cooperate if required to help protect the Company. 3.1.5. The Affiliate undertakes to ensure that the activities carried out do not violate the legislation of the country of their residence/operation. 3.2. The Affiliate is entitled: 3.2.1. To receive renumeration and payouts in accordance with this Agreement. 3.3. The Affiliate is prohibited: 3.3.1. From communicating in an aggressive or offensive manner, and from using profanity or threats towards the Company's employees, administration and Support Service of the Affiliate Programme. In case of non-compliance with this paragraph of the rules, the Company is entitled to stop contacting the Affiliate, terminate cooperation, cancel and block the Affiliate's account. 3.3.2. To use cookie stuffing: — opening the Product's website in an iframe with a zero size, as well as in an invisible area; — installation of tags, script cookies and other similar manipulations. If the Affiliate does not abide by these rules, their personal account may be cancelled and blocked. 3.3.3. Client registration is limited to one person, family, IP, device, email address or payment details. The Affiliate is prohibited from creating their own account with the Advertiser through their referral link or promo code, and from colluding with Clients. If such traffic sources are detected, the Affiliate's accounts in the Affiliate Programme and on the Advertiser's website can be cancelled and blocked. 3.3.4. Affiliates are prohibited from creating two or more affiliate accounts, and from signing up as a sub-affiliate. In case of violation of this paragraph, the Affiliate Programme has the right to terminate cooperation with the Affiliate, and cancel and block the Affiliate's account. 3.3.5. If the Affiliate needs to operate two or more accounts in the Affiliate Programme, the Affiliate undertakes to notify the administration and provide a justification for this necessity. 3.3.6. Information provided by the administration and Support Service of the Affiliate Programme is confidential. The Affiliate is prohibited from disclosing this information to third parties. In case of violation, the Affiliate Programme is entitled to terminate cooperation with the Affiliate, and cancel and block the Affiliate's account. 3.4. The Company is obliged: 3.4.1. To pay renumeration in a timely manner to the Affiliate in accordance with this Agreement. 3.4.2. To provide the Affiliate with instructions and recommendations regarding the performance of the obligations that are the subject of this Agreement. 3.5. The Company is entitled: 3.5.1. To request information on the Affiliate's traffic sources and other information that is used to promote the Product. If the Affiliate refuses to provide these sources, the Affiliate Programme is entitled to terminate cooperation with the Affiliate. 3.5.2. The Company reserves the right to suspend payouts to the Affiliate if the administration of the Affiliate Programme has reasons to believe that the Affiliate has violated the terms of this Agreement. Payouts can be suspended until the circumstances are clarified. In case of violation of the terms of cooperation, the Company is entitled to block the Affiliate's account without prior notice. 3.5.3. The Affiliate Programme reserves the right to unilaterally make any amendments, additions or alterations to this Agreement without giving prior notice to the Affiliate. Any changes or amendments shall enter into force immediately after they are published on the Website. The Affiliate Programme can, but is not obligated to, notify the Affiliate of these changes. The Affiliate is responsible for regularly checking this Agreement and the Website for any updates. Continued participation in the Affiliate Programme after changes are published implies the Affiliate's acceptance of the new version of the Agreement. The current Agreement is the version that is published on the Affiliate Programme website.

4. Working conditions, payout calculation

4.1. If all the terms of the Agreement are fulfilled, the Affiliate shall be paid in accordance with the payment model set out in this Agreement. 4.2. The Affiliate's renumeration is generated as a percentage of the Product's net income received from the Clients engaged by this Affiliate. The percentage of the Affiliate's income depends on the offer, personal rates and Product. 4.3. In addition to this renumeration, the Affiliate is not entitled to recover costs incurred for using third-party services, programmes or services, even if these costs were used for the Affiliate's advertising activities within the Affiliate Programme. 4.4. Before starting work in the Affiliate Programme under the CPA model, the Affiliate must contact the manager of the Affiliate Programme to activate this payment model. 4.5. When establishing the terms of cooperation under the CPA model, the actions and other parameters of engaged Clients are taken into account. Any changes in these parameters can lead to changes in the terms of cooperation. 4.6. When cooperating under the CPA model, the Affiliate does not receive payouts for Clients who have been previously been listed in the client base. Conversions that receive a multi-account status as a result of verification are rejected. 4.7. In case of high deviations of the Affiliate's traffic from the offer KPI, the Hold can be lengthened on an individual basis. In the event of the long-term inactivity of engaged Clients, the Affiliate Programme reserves the right not to pay out for them. 4.8. The Affiliate may not receive payouts for Clients who have passed the KPI in the following circumstances: — specifying the minimum deposit amount in creative; — the use of motivated traffic (cashback or renumeration for deposits); — fraud and misleading of Clients; — the link is removed from the app for which the traffic was bought; — technical issues in the app in the absence of an analysis by the QA department of the Affiliate Programme at the start; — detection of fraud; — false information about the traffic sources used; — high churn rate; — launching an advertising campaign without the consent of the manager. 4.9. The methodology for analysing traffic indicators and their detailed structure are part of the anti-fraud system and cannot be disclosed to third parties. The Affiliate does not receive payouts for the traffic that does not pass anti-fraud verification. If violations are detected, the Affiliate's account can be cancelled or blocked, including the balance, with no right to payout. 4.10. The Company provides unique advertising materials, including links. Each Affiliate independently checks the functionality of their links and the correct display of additional parameters in their personal account. The Affiliate Programme will not be able to track Clients referred by the Affiliate if the links are inactive.

5. Final provisions

5.1. Correspondence and personal communication with the administration or Support Service of the Affiliate Programme is considered confidential. Affiliates are prohibited from making available to the public without consent of the Affiliate Programme, or providing third parties the opportunity to view/listen to confidential information (or its fragments). In case of violation of this rule, the Affiliate Programme reserves the right to terminate cooperation, block the account and cancel the Affiliate's balance. If the terms and conditions of this Agreement are violated, the Affiliate Programme reserves the right to close the Affiliate's personal account in the Affiliate Programme without subsequent payout and respective explanation. 5.2. Either party can terminate this Agreement at any time by sending a notification to the other Party. 5.3. The Parties attempt to settle all disputes through negotiations and correspondence. Affiliate appeals shall be accepted by the Affiliate Programme only in written form and no later than three calendar days from the date of the dispute. 5.4. All appeals shall be sent to the Affiliate Programme's email address: [email protected]. 5.5. The maximum period for reviewing appeals sent by the Affiliate is 15–20 days. 5.6. If there is a dispute that is not specified in this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to take a decision at its own discretion. 5.7. All appeals from the Affiliate are considered official and deemed as appeals in written form via email to the addresses of the corresponding services. Written appeals made using online instant messenger programmes (such as Telegram) are not treated as written. 5.8. The Affiliate's appeal must contain: Full name; Email; Date and time of the dispute; Reason for the appeal. 5.9. The Company is entitled to not review a appeal in the following circumstances: — if the appeal contains abusive language and/or insults addressed to the Company or its employees; — if the appeal contains threats against the Affiliate Programme or its employees; — if the Affiliate's argumentation is based on the threat of denigrating the Affiliate Programme's reputation on social networks and other resources. In the event of disputes regarding transactions or the status of the Affiliate's account, the Parties shall review the Affiliate's transaction protocols based on the data of the Affiliate Programme. 5.10. In case of violation of any paragraph listed above, the Company reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the Affiliate. This Agreement was last revised on February 2, 2024.