This document provides an overview, the terms and conditions, and methods of the acceptable use of the Software Product and participation in the Affiliate Network ("Affiliate Programme", "LGaming") (hereafter referred to as the Rules). By accepting these Rules, the Affiliate Network Participant confirms that they have read these Rules in full, and that the terms and conditions of these Rules are clear and the Affiliate Network Participant agrees with them. The Company is entitled to unilaterally amend these Rules, specific rules of the Affiliate Programme, and other mandatory documents that constitute the terms of use of the Affiliate Network at any time and without prior notice to Affiliates. Any of these amendments shall enter into force after they are published, unless otherwise specified in the text of the amendments.

1. General terminology

Personal Account, Affiliate Account are a section of the Software Product interface that contains a visual display of its functionality and makes it possible for Affiliates to perform certain actions in order to work within the Affiliate Network. Payment Model is payment for a specific result following the publication of advertising products on the internet by the Affiliate. Offer is the terms and conditions (including restrictions and renumeration depending on the rate and Payment Model) that collectively govern the information published by the Affiliate(s) in order to promote the product on the internet. Affiliate Network is a form of business partnership between and Affiliates, aimed at the promotion by Affiliates of the goods and/or services of Advertisers on the internet. Affiliates, Webmasters are legal entities or individuals over the age of 18, authorised participants of the Affiliate Network that advertise and promote the Advertiser's product. Software Product is a set of information, software and hardware tools, accessed on and/or through the corresponding mobile app for: — obtaining software solutions and tools to measure service effectiveness and enhance monetisation of the online resources (projects) of the Affiliate in the Affiliate Network; — obtaining information about the Advertisers and monetisation opportunities for Affiliate projects; — obtaining Affiliate statistics about Targeted Action engagement to calculate the volume and cost of Affiliate services; — registration in the Affiliate Network and access to the Personal Account of the Affiliate and Tools for promoting Affiliate Programmes; Advertising Materials are tools used by the Affiliate to promote the Product on the internet. Advertisers are legal entities or individuals over the age of 18, or the Affiliate Network, offering to advertise and promote their goods and/or services (Product, Advertising Object) by publishing Advertising Materials on the internet. Traffic is a group of Clients who joined as a result of the Affiliate publishing Advertising Materials on the internet. Affiliate Services are services for driving traffic or, in other words, for inviting online users to perform a Targeted Action — purchasing goods and/or services of Advertisers and third parties using the Software Product and services of the Affiliate Programme, provided by the Affiliate on a reimbursable basis. Targeted Action (Lead) is an action of an end user (client), recognised as a target within this Affiliate Programme, where a deal is made with or without payment, on the basis of which the Owner receives remuneration from the Advertiser within the Affiliate Network. The subject and type of this deal are specified by the Advertiser independently and can change.

2. Terms and conditions of participation in the Affiliate Network and use of the Software Product

2.1. Registration. To become an Affiliate, sign up on the Affiliate Network page and provide true and complete details about yourself. 2.2. During the registration procedure, the Affiliate independently specifies the identifying details of the Affiliate Account (username that matches the email address and password) in the Affiliate Network. 2.3. To complete the registration procedure, the potential Affiliate must perform the following actions: — Verify their email address; — Contact a representative of the Affiliate Programme to gain full access to the website. 2.4. The Affiliate independently ensures the safekeeping of their username and password for authorisation in the Affiliate Network. Hereby, all actions from the moment of authorisation are implemented directly or indirectly using the functionality of the Affiliate Account or Promotion Tools by the Affiliate or other parties that have been legally authorised by the Affiliate to perform these actions. 2.5. The Affiliate Account shall be deemed created after the potential Affiliate completes all the registration procedures, accepts these Rules, and receives confirmation from the Company that the Affiliate Account has been created. 2.6. The Company reserves the right to cease cooperation with any Affiliate and/or potential Affiliate, including, but not limited to, by prohibiting the registration of the Affiliate Account and/or not registering the Affiliate Account without explaining the reasons and motives of the Company. 2.7. Only Affiliates with an active Affiliate Account can use the Affiliate Network. 2.8. Affiliates undertake to keep their profile details in the Affiliate Account up to date and promptly update these details in the event of their change. 2.9. The Affiliate can change their profile details in the Affiliate Account, except for their email address. The email address can only be changed through the Affiliate Network Support Service. The Company reserves the right to verify the personal details of potential Affiliates provided when registering/changing the Affiliate Accounts at any time, using methods that the Company deems appropriate and sufficient. 2.10. The Affiliate can sign up to the Affiliate Programme only once; re-registration is not allowed. 2.11. The Affiliate is responsible for storing the personal identifying details regarding their Affiliate Account (including username and password). The Company is not and shall not be responsible for the storage and security of personal identifying details, or for their transfer by the Affiliate (deliberately or unintentionally) to third parties, including for any damage that can be borne by the Affiliate as a result of this transfer of identifying details to a third party. If the Affiliate believes that third parties could have gained access to their Affiliate Account, the Affiliate must immediately report this to the Affiliate Network Support Service.

3. Terms of cooperation with Webmasters

3.1. The Webmaster accepts an Offer from the Advertiser to distribute Advertising Materials on the internet for renumeration within this Affiliate Network. The Affiliate Programme acts as an intermediary between the Advertiser and the Affiliate, and coordinates, monitors and keeps a record of the Services and activities of the Affiliate. 3.2. The Webmaster can produce Advertising Materials to fulfill the Advertiser's Offer on behalf of the Advertiser or on their own initiative. These Advertising Materials must meet the Advertiser's requirements. 3.3. The Webmaster independently selects websites and platforms for publishing Advertising Materials based on the Advertiser's Offer (if there are no restrictions set out in the Offer), and engages third parties to publish Advertiser Materials. The Affiliate Programme does not monitor and is not required to monitor websites and platforms used by Webmasters to publish Advertising Materials. 3.4. The Webmaster decides whether or not to publish Advertising Materials on a specific website. 3.5. Within the Affiliate Network, the Webmaster undertakes not to use websites for publishing Advertising Materials that compel users to take actions such as forced clicks, the sending of paid texts and other similar methods, including advertising platforms that are currently under development. The Webmaster shall be fully responsible for any violations, fines, restrictions, losses, complaints, and claims that may be presented in connection with the publishing of Advertising Materials by the Webmaster and undertakes to exempt the Company, the Affiliate Network, and the Advertiser from any liability for the actions/inaction of the Webmaster. If the actions/inaction of the Webmaster have resulted in any claims being made against the Affiliate Network, or the Affiliate Network is held liable in any way, the Affiliate Network may require the Webmaster to indemnify losses caused by the Webmaster, including indemnity for the costs of legal consultants and representatives. 3.6. The Webmaster undertakes to monitor the Advertising Materials published on their resources or the resources of third parties, and to remove outdated Advertising Materials.

4. Cooperation within the Affiliate Network

4.1. The Advertiser places an Offer to distribute Advertising Materials within the Affiliate Network. The Offer includes the terms of distribution of the Advertising Materials, and the type and nature of the users' Targeted Actions for which Webmasters receive renumeration. 4.2. The amount of renumeration for Webmasters depends on the type and nature of the Targeted Action and rate specified in the Offer for the Targeted Action at the time the Targeted Action is performed. 4.3. Rates for Targeted Actions are published in the interface of the Affiliate Network, which at its discretion can change these rates by publishing new information in the Affiliate Network. By accepting these Rules, the Affiliate agrees to the rates of the Affiliate Network. 4.4. The Webmaster accepts the Offer and publishes Advertising Materials on their website(s) and/or on the websites of third parties engaged by the Webmaster. When the internet user that has read the published Advertising Material is redirected by the Referral link integrated into the Advertising Material to the Advertiser's website, and the user performs the Targeted Action (Lead) specified in the order, it is deemed that the Webmaster has provided the service within the Offer, and the Webmaster shall receive the corresponding remuneration. 4.5. Targeted Actions (Leads) are determined by the Advertiser. Targeted Actions may include purchasing the Advertiser's goods/services, installing the Advertiser's mobile apps, subscribing to notifications, etc. 4.6. The Affiliate Network generates and provides the Webmaster with a Referral link — a link leading to the Advertiser's website, which contains the Webmaster's unique identifier. The integration of the Referral link into the Advertising Material when it is published is a mandatory and essential requirement for recording Targeted Actions. 4.7. All Leads are tracked within the Affiliate Network. Information on their quantity is provided to Affiliates. The Affiliate Network calculations the renumeration for Leads. In case of a disagreement with the Webmaster about the targeted actions, the Affiliate Network, based on the available data, decides whether the Webmaster has rendered a service or not (whether remuneration should be paid). Affiliates cannot dispute the Company's decision. 4.8. The Affiliate Network collects statistical data regarding all activities within the Affiliate Network. In case of discrepancies in the statistical data of the Affiliate Network and/or the Webmaster, the data held by the Affiliate Network take precedence. 4.9. The Advertiser pays renumeration for Leads in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Offer and the rates of the Affiliate Network. The Affiliate Network calculates the renumeration based on its statistical data. 4.10. Before paying the renumeration, the Affiliate Network may carry out additional verification of the Affiliate Account details and suspend any payouts to the Affiliate Account until this verification is complete. 4.11. The Affiliate Network does not compensate any costs borne by Webmasters related to the publishing of Advertising Materials, unless otherwise agreed between the Affiliate Network and the Webmaster prior to publishing these Advertising Materials. 4.12. Renumeration paid to Webmasters is sent to the personal account created within the Affiliate Network and linked to the Affiliate Account. 4.13. Withdrawals from the personal account of the Affiliate Account are made only upon request of the Affiliate. The withdrawal amount is determined by the Affiliate independently, but it cannot exceed the personal account balance. The withdrawal method is determined by the Affiliate inline with the payment solutions offered by the Affiliate Network. The deadline for fulfilling an Affiliate withdrawal request is set by the Affiliate Network. The Affiliate Network can set time limits for accepting payout requests, as well as minimum and maximum limits on withdrawals. A personal account cannot and must not be used as a method for storing and/or depositing funds. Funds in a personal account can only be used to pay for services within the Affiliate Network. Interest and/or other renumeration/incentives are not paid on funds in a personal account. 4.14. Affiliates must provide true and complete information within the Affiliate Network.

5. Restrictions on the use of the Affiliate Network

5.1. Affiliates undertake not to take any actions that affect or may impact the operations of the Affiliate Network, including but not limited to: attempts to impact the operability of the Affiliate Network's servers; attempts to hack protection mechanisms; the use of viruses, Trojans, and other malicious software; the use of brute force attacks, DoS(DDoS) attacks, spam; the use of links and any other processes that can be harmful to the operation of the Affiliate Network. 5.2. Affiliates undertake not to violate the restrictions and conditions established by these Rules, legislation in the distribution of Advertising Materials, and the Advertiser's Offer. 5.3. Affiliates undertake not to use advertising methods that can register a Lead, but force the user to perform these Targeted Actions by means of fraud, blackmail or any other such techniques that violate the user's freedom of choice. 5.4. Affiliates undertake not to use any technologies or types of cookie stuffing (cookie dropping). It is prohibited to use scripts that allow the Affiliates to place website cookies that the user has not opened or viewed. It is prohibited to switch, substitute or replace user cookies with others that do not belong to the websites the user has visited, including replacing cookies with pop-ups, iframes, as well as replacing them when inserting the address of a third party page as a picture on an existing website. 5.5. The Webmaster undertakes not to register or use any variation of the Advertiser's protected customisation features (including those that are confusingly similar) in terms of the address (domain) of the website or its internal pages or mobile apps. The Webmaster accepts the Advertiser's right to determine the level of similarity.

6. Termination of cooperation

6.1. The Affiliate Network reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate cooperation with any Affiliate at any time and delete their Affiliate Account, including but not limited to, (1) if false information is detected in the Affiliate Account, (2) if the Affiliate violates these Rules and/or restrictions established by these Rules, (3) if the Affiliate commits fraud and/or unfair actions. The Affiliate Network shall not and is not obliged to pay any compensation to the Affiliates connected to the blocking/deletion of their Affiliate Account. 6.2. The Affiliate can terminate cooperation with the Affiliate Network at any time by deleting their Affiliate Account, but not until the Affiliate fulfills all its financial liabilities to the Affiliate Network that arose in the course of cooperation with this Affiliate.

7. Privacy policy

7.1. The Affiliate Network shall collect, store and process the personal details of the Affiliates obtained in the course of cooperation with the Affiliate Network. 7.2. By sending the details to the Affiliate Network, the Affiliate confirms their consent to the use of the personal details of the Affiliate by the Affiliate Network. 7.3. In order to investigate fraud and money laundering, the Affiliate Network is entitled to provide information that the Company holds about the Affiliate, including personal details and account activity to state bodies, including the police and specialised anti-money laundering agencies. 7.4. The Affiliate Network takes reasonable measures to ensure the correct registration and safeguarding of the Affiliate's details. 7.5. By using the Affiliate Network, the Affiliate understands and agrees that the information the Affiliate has provided about themselves and the Affiliate's actions inside the Affiliate Network may be subject to inspection by third parties (independent organisations) to ensure the safe and proper operation of the system, data storage and protection, and compliance with legal requirements.

8. Intellectual property

8.1. All design, text, graphics, music, sound, photographs, video, their selection and arrangement thereof, software compilations, underlying source code, software and all other materials that constitute part of the Affiliate Network are subject to copyright and other proprietary rights which are either owned by the Affiliate Network or used under licence from third party rights owners. 8.2. Under no circumstances does the use of the Affiliate Network grant the Affiliate any intellectual property rights (e.g. copyrights, know-how or trademarks) owned by the Affiliate Network or any third party (except for a non-exclusive licence when publishing Advertising Materials).

9. Technical restrictions

9.1. The Affiliate Network is not responsible for any damage or technical difficulties caused by the content of the Affiliate Network, errors in the software or hardware of the Affiliate Network, or for damage caused by the insufficient availability or limited functionality of the internet. 9.2. For the proper usage of the Affiliate Network, it is required to use certain technical hardware and software systems, telecommunication networks and services of third party organisations. The Affiliate Network is not responsible for the operability of these networks and for losses caused by failures in these networks. 9.3. The Affiliate Network's software is provided to the Affiliate on an "as is" basis, which means that the software is implemented with the functionalities and in the condition at the time of its provision.